You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer if a DUI Attorney is Representing the Other Side

DUI AttorneyPersonal injury DUI attorney, our work starts with understanding that if you have been in a car accident, caused by a drunk driver, the law is on your side. However, you must understand that there are those who will prefer to offer you a settlement that is a pittance of what your accident, injuries, and anguish are worth in order to avoid having to make proper restitution. As a personal injury attorney, we want to point out that if you have been hit by a drunk driver and a prosecutor files charges, these will be criminal charges.

A DUI attorney will be defending them, attempting to justify their client’s bad decisions, avoid any sense of responsibility, and leave you the victims bearing the emotional and financial weight of a drunk driver colliding with you. Remember, if you are the victim of a drunk driver you will still need an injury attorney to file a civil case to make sure that they, and not you, are held responsible for the damage caused.  This is the only way to receive financial compensation since criminal charges do not equal financial damages for you.

A DUI attorney is going to do the best they can to prove that alcohol had nothing to do with their client’s rash actions or driving that lead to you being injured. Every year in this country over a 10,000 people die because of a DUI related accident. Even worse, over 32% of accidents that do tremendous damage to property, health, and the mental well-being of the victim are as a result of a drunk or high driver. Knowing this most insurance companies, and even some personal individuals, will hire an attorney who is tasked with making the least amount of restitution possible, sometimes even as low as 10% what your actual injuries and damages are worth. In cases like this, and in fact in all cases when a DUI attorney or insurance lawyer is involved, you need to have your own strong representation to ensure you’re your rights are protected.

Proving damages is not as difficult in Texas as it is in some other states. Unlike other states, a Texas DUI attorney will have a much harder time proving their client’s BAC did not have anything to do with the accident. We will work with you to gather a preponderance of evidence, in order to show that the person driving under the influence was, in fact, responsible for any and all damages you may have incurred during this accident. Given that the state has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking or adults drinking with a blood alcohol count of 0.08 or higher, we will need to ensure that the BAC (blood alcohol content) tests are included in evidence when presenting our case for why the other party was negligent and, therefore, responsible for the accident.

Presented correctly, we can ensure that the drunk driver is held responsible for actual damages, which are assessed based on the extent of your injuries and the damage to your person and property. Given the right circumstances, we are also able to recover punitive damages in a Texas-based DUI case.